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Refined Project Subject

ICM506, module 3, module 4, technology | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 24 2010

So I was thinking about the project that I have been planning for several months and it made me think of another spin off project that is much more doable in a shorter period of time.  Granted, the nice shiny new toy available to the public would have to take a back seat while this new idea took off but I might just be willing to take it on.  So to that end, I plan on putting my "top secret" idea on hold and developing this newer idea and hopefully designing a simple tool that would become extremely useful.

We will call the new tool "Project Wiki-Writer".  Project Wiki-Writer is a simple tool that applies a link back to critical information and key words similar to what one needs to do manually on Wikipedia.  The tool would connect through a serious of online databases, online dictionaries and online fiction and non-fiction related database sources to automatically create connections to other topical information.  Currently, on a tool like wikipedia, these links are often userd defined.

The beauty of a tool like this would be its methodology rather than it’s functionality.  The functionality will do all of the work however with a solid methodological framework in place, this paradigm can be applied to several things such as collaborative environments, instant messaging or SMS, blog writing and even academic writing.  "Project Wiki-Writer" would become an all inclusive writing tool interconnecting ideas to research, keywords to facts and contemporary writing to topical news.

Hyper Focused Niche Award

ICM506, academic, module 4, technology | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 22 2010

The introduction to the marketplace for the newest Ipod/Ipad application that I have planned might win the most hyper-focused niche award out of any idea to date.  The niche is primarily for college students in the academic space that make regular use of the IPad which has only recently introduced itself.  In addition to leveraging the newest technology, the idea also utilizes one of the latest software bundles available through iTunes called iBooks. 

While treating this idea carefully and treading lightly upon new technologies that are only very recent, it is critical that the product/service that is created be rolled out in phases as we are unaware how the IPad will react to such an idea.  Additionally, with a "first to market" mentaility, it is important that the idea be created quickly and with the utmost quality in mind.

The price point is unknown at this time and the details will be forthcoming.

Resume Madness

ICM506, career, module 4 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 21 2010

The class has been focusing on creating pieces of written work and then consistently editing their work to perfect it.  The following is a different type of example of the same process.  The following are 4 different iterations of one resume including my current resume which is in use today.

  1. Click here to review my current resume
  2. Spight_Resume_Final_5
  3. Spight_Resume_Final_4
  4. Spight_Resume_Final_3


Please feel free to leave feedback.  Both positive and negative feedback are welcomed.

Devil’s Advocate

ICM506, module 4, technology | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 20 2010

What if your niche is too focused?  What happens if you miss a major part of a potential marketplace that is ripe for opportunities such as the technology advances that you plan to deploy?  What if you are too slow to market with your idea?  What if?  What if?  What if?

It seems as though if you play devil’s advocate with your idea, you can come up with a thousand scenarios that point to a glass half empty.  To look at these questions with a glass half full mentality is the key.  It is said that the best way to learn is by mistakes.  While catastrophic mistakes are potential avoidance factors, smaller mistakes are golden nuggets of information ripe for correction.

I have played devil’s advocate before with many other business ideas that lead to a path of non-existence.  The idea typically fell apart because the questions that were posed in such a way that many times the idea did not make sense.  In this case however, I believe that I have hit a homerun.  Why?  Well because I can answer the devil’s advocate questions with conviction and know that the product/service that I will be introducing to the marketplace will manifest add-ons, upgrades and change certain faces of technology.