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Refined Project Subject

ICM506, module 3, module 4, technology | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 24 2010

So I was thinking about the project that I have been planning for several months and it made me think of another spin off project that is much more doable in a shorter period of time.  Granted, the nice shiny new toy available to the public would have to take a back seat while this new idea took off but I might just be willing to take it on.  So to that end, I plan on putting my "top secret" idea on hold and developing this newer idea and hopefully designing a simple tool that would become extremely useful.

We will call the new tool "Project Wiki-Writer".  Project Wiki-Writer is a simple tool that applies a link back to critical information and key words similar to what one needs to do manually on Wikipedia.  The tool would connect through a serious of online databases, online dictionaries and online fiction and non-fiction related database sources to automatically create connections to other topical information.  Currently, on a tool like wikipedia, these links are often userd defined.

The beauty of a tool like this would be its methodology rather than it’s functionality.¬† The functionality will do all of the work however with¬†a solid methodological framework in place, this paradigm can be applied to several things such as collaborative environments, instant messaging or SMS, blog writing and even academic writing.¬† "Project Wiki-Writer" would become an all inclusive writing tool interconnecting ideas to research, keywords to facts and contemporary writing to topical news.

LinkedIn Profile

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Jun 20 2010

Matthew Spight MS, MBA

Business Intelligence Manager at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Negative Personas

ICM506, module 3 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 20 2010

According to Wikipedia, Persona is defined as:

In the study of communication, persona is a term given to describe the versions of self that all individuals possess. Behaviors are selected according to the desired impression an individual wishes to create when interacting with other people. Therefore, personae presented to other people vary according to the social environment the person is engaged in, in particular the persona presented before others will differ from the persona an individual will present when he/she happens to be alone.

Sometimes you can judge a book by it’s cover.¬† Have you ever Googled somebody to find that they have a spectrum of information about them? Things such as¬† job information, reviews from respective customers, friends, or acquaintances, and often times enough information to make an unethical and illegal to chase someone’s identity.¬† This is all manifested from poor attention to ones persona with online networking solutions.¬† Negative information found on the internet is harmful in more ways than one can imagine and are mostly linked to the aforementioned Google histories.¬† Keep your online persona positive and free from minutia.

Product and Customer Niches

ICM506, module 3 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 20 2010

Wikipedia describes niche markets as:

The subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing; therefore the market niche defines the specific product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact.

Every single product that is on sale can be defined by its niche market. As of special note, the products aimed at a wide demographic audience, with the resulting low price (due to price elasticity of demand), are said to belong to the mainstream niche‚ÄĒin practice referred to only as mainstream or of high demand. Narrower demographics lead to elevated prices due to the same principle. So to speak, the Niche Market is the highly specialized market that tries to survive among the competition from numerous super companies.

What is often left out of niche conversations is the customer perspective.¬† Even people and customers fall into a niche.¬† Understanding your customer niche¬†just¬†as much as you¬†understand which niche your product¬†or service will fulfill is mission critical.¬† You wouldn’t create a mind blowing oil leak widget for the Academia space, for example.¬† Focusing on your customer and your product/service niche will net success because you will know for a fact that you are providing the right product/service to the correct demographic.¬† Expansion there-after is often expected at which time you can assess moving your product/service to other paradigms that might use it.