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More about me… Cash is king!

ICM506, Personal, career, module 1 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 01 2010

I love cash.  I agree with the statement that cash is king.  At the same time, I feel that giving to charity is incredibly important.  It may make you feel uncomfortable listening to someone who talks about money all the time, however my four fathers gave me the right to write about anything.  So how does someone make money in this economy today?  Let me share a couple of ways.

First, invest in real estate.  Sure the economy tells you “no way” to this strategy however RIGHT NOW is the opportunity to get into buying and renting property to create multiple income streams.  There are ways that you can leverage creative financing so an excuse of “I have no money to do this” should not apply.

Second, learn a work at home trade that pays well.  For me, I recently taught myself how to write government grants which is advantageous in two ways.  First off, you will primarily be doing your work for non-profit organizations that don’t necessarily have the specialized skills to write a good grant application.  Second, the money is very good if you are successful.

Lastly, spread your money around.  A wise person once told me that in order to prosper financially, you MUST have several streams of income.  Think about possibly becoming a money lender.  Sure you can do this the illegal way (often referred to as a shy (shylock) business) charging exorbitant amounts of interest and muscling your way to payments.  Or you can do the same thing legally on which nets much less on the interest rate all done through the web.  Alternatively, you can mix this idea with property investment and become a “hard money” lender.  The options are endless.

So what does this say about me?  Well, I have explored and exhausted several ways to make money and with this medium I am able to explain to everyone what has worked for me.  Although I give to charity, you may still think that I sound like a money hungry stuck up individual.  Irregardless, you should always remember one thing.  Cash is king!

Is it Moxie or Trickery?

ICM506, Personal, career, module 1 | Posted by Spighterman
May 27 2010

Written on my “About” page is one of the latest announcements from my personal career profile at Sikorsky Aircraft. Sure it has a lot of techno-babble and is written in the third person, but the funny thing is that at Sikorsky, people are usually told to write a bio-sketch that management takes and calls an autobiography as they are taking credit for it.  Silly bureaucracy!

So as a test, I tried to see how far I could go with regards to applying as much moxie as I would to my soon to be “autobiography”.  So if this sounds less than modest, it is on purpose.  Then again, I guess to some degree, big business and total success takes some level of moxie.  So maybe its not just a test of sorts.  You can be the judge.

If I had to re-write this, I would certainly be more modest, maybe explain some of my personal endeavors a little bit more such as my academic history and discuss the joy that I get out of doing as much relaxing as possible.  This is my third Masters degree.  I am not looking for a “way to go” or a pat on the back for it however.  I just enjoy academia and believe that as people we all thrive in intelligence through the interactions with each other.

As for relaxation as I mentioned, that is good too.  Work and school are my path and my destination is wealth and prosperity.  With my ambitiousness, I guarantee that wealth will be in my future and that I will not let hurdles block my view.  How is that for moxie?