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Product and Customer Niches

ICM506, module 3 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 20 2010

Wikipedia describes niche markets as:

The subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing; therefore the market niche defines the specific product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact.

Every single product that is on sale can be defined by its niche market. As of special note, the products aimed at a wide demographic audience, with the resulting low price (due to price elasticity of demand), are said to belong to the mainstream niche—in practice referred to only as mainstream or of high demand. Narrower demographics lead to elevated prices due to the same principle. So to speak, the Niche Market is the highly specialized market that tries to survive among the competition from numerous super companies.

What is often left out of niche conversations is the customer perspective.  Even people and customers fall into a niche.  Understanding your customer niche just as much as you understand which niche your product or service will fulfill is mission critical.  You wouldn’t create a mind blowing oil leak widget for the Academia space, for example.  Focusing on your customer and your product/service niche will net success because you will know for a fact that you are providing the right product/service to the correct demographic.  Expansion there-after is often expected at which time you can assess moving your product/service to other paradigms that might use it.

Writing Project Subject

ICM506, module 2, technology | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 07 2010

This semester, I have decided to write about a particular new iPad application that an attorney and I have been discussing.  The application idea is currently in the trade mark phase because it is logical to protect ourselves with this first to market idea.  Although I can not fully discuss the idea at this time, I can explain briefly what the niche will be and how it will be introduced.

The niche for the application that we are moving forward with is every single student in the world.  It is highly applicable to high school and college students and will be available first on the iPad and then every other platform and medium offered by Apple.  It is similar to what the Kindle from Amazon has introduced but is much more interactive.

It will introduce a 21st century approach to data and research collection through online textbooks and offer tools that will allow students to seamlessly develop high value content with a touch screen approach.  Not that it will ever happen, but the type of application that we will be introducing could someday make textbooks obsolete.

The price point and deployment date are unknown at this time and further details can not be shared until July once our legal implications are ironed out.  It will undoubtedly however be a game changer in the world of academia and public research.

Single Paragraph Bio-Sketch

ICM506, Personal, career, module 2 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 07 2010

I am a detail-oriented leader who has a bright future ahead of myself.  My pragmatic work ethic along with my entrepreneurial spirit allows me to innovate new ideas and create strong organizations.  I am highly process oriented and serve as a skilled practitioner when it comes to optimization of key business functions by often serving as a facilitator of cross functional teams and automating business processes.

Technical & Lean Bio-Sketch

ICM506, Personal, career, module 2 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 06 2010

Just recently I have been described by several key executives as a very talented individual contributor with strong technical and business skills. I have built several dashboard systems which yielded significant time savings for the business as well as productivity increases. I have a strong sense of the link between technology and its application to real world business situations.

Through high praise of my superiors, I have been recognized for my accomplishments as a professional who has the rare ability to rapidly develop solutions which have greatly increased efficiency of Sikorsky operations.  I have developed Business and Supplier scorecards, self-service reporting capabilities, and automated tools which have allowed the members of the Sikorsky Fleet Analytics team to focus their efforts on more value-added analytical tasks.  Furthermore, directly through the diligent management efforts of the Fleet Analytics data warehouse, which had previously been plagued with errors and inconsistencies, I have been able to bring it up to a level of fidelity and the highest level of certifiable quality.

Moreover, I serve as a Lean Business Practice expert with years of training and practical experience. My efforts in process definition, value stream mapping, mistake-proofing, and kaizen event facilitation have resulted in a more lean and effective organization.

Leadership Bio-Sketch

ICM506, Personal, career, module 2 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 06 2010

I have been told that I am a very dedicated, detail oriented, and an innovative leader.  I work well within groups and individually taking the leadership role when necessary and making informed and level headed decisions. When thrust into a new unfamiliar role, I typically approach the situation with the confidence, thirst for knowledge and determination to contribute to the highest degree.

My knowledge within the technical fields of data reporting, system automation, and information technology only strengthen project management and overall business leadership acumen.  My commitment to the success of the organization through professional and personal development, not only of myself but colleagues as well, makes me a valued asset of any organization in which he I am a part of.  My proven success at bringing the latest in tools and knowledge from past experiences and academia into the aerospace industry is a key strength and a highly valuable approach in the cultivation of others.

Project Management Bio-Sketch

ICM506, Personal, career, module 2 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 06 2010

I am an intelligent, motivated, and personable leader whose attention to detail and technical expertise have been a consistent asset to several Project Management teams. My ability to effectively resolve and bring issues to closure is exceptional.  In a Project Manager & System Administrator capacity, I have been instrumental in transitioning and automating project communications to a new level. Through determination and drive towards accomplishing tasks and achieving goals, I have proven myself to be an asset to several project teams within my short 7 year career.  With a dedicated, hardworking, and innovative attitude, I typically work hard to overcome any obstacles on the way to successful completion of my own and company goals.  I am constantly looking for the greater good in all endeavors and have a deep passion for the collaborative cultivation and development of people to showcase their talents as well.

Academic Bio-Sketch

ICM506, Personal, academic, module 2 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 06 2010

I have been described as a mature and bright professional who is often looked to for assistance by my peers based on the wealth of knowledge that I have acquired through my studies at Quinnipiac University.  I am known as a very driven, dedicated and focused individual who has a strong desire to constantly learn. I have acquired a number of degrees from Quinnipiac University, so my education, knowledge, experience and strong will would be an asset to any company.

The education that I have acquired through the world of academia as well as through specialized training have provided me with a hybrid set of skills tailored to business management, organizational leadership and a set of technically derived system engineering expertise.

Three ways to Import the class Blogroll

ICM506, communications | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 04 2010

There are three ways to import a complete blogroll of the entire class list of blogs into your own blog for seamless connectivity to class related posts.  Simply copy the following urls below and incorporate the url via the available technology functionality allowable by your type of blog:

  • Javascript – <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script>
  • RSS –
  • OPML –

Get fed…

ICM506, communications | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 01 2010

Added under the “Feeds” page are three new course related feeds.  Check them out as they update regularly.  How to write effectively, how to blog effectively and information aesthetics are among the topics.

More about me… Cash is king!

ICM506, Personal, career, module 1 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 01 2010

I love cash.  I agree with the statement that cash is king.  At the same time, I feel that giving to charity is incredibly important.  It may make you feel uncomfortable listening to someone who talks about money all the time, however my four fathers gave me the right to write about anything.  So how does someone make money in this economy today?  Let me share a couple of ways.

First, invest in real estate.  Sure the economy tells you “no way” to this strategy however RIGHT NOW is the opportunity to get into buying and renting property to create multiple income streams.  There are ways that you can leverage creative financing so an excuse of “I have no money to do this” should not apply.

Second, learn a work at home trade that pays well.  For me, I recently taught myself how to write government grants which is advantageous in two ways.  First off, you will primarily be doing your work for non-profit organizations that don’t necessarily have the specialized skills to write a good grant application.  Second, the money is very good if you are successful.

Lastly, spread your money around.  A wise person once told me that in order to prosper financially, you MUST have several streams of income.  Think about possibly becoming a money lender.  Sure you can do this the illegal way (often referred to as a shy (shylock) business) charging exorbitant amounts of interest and muscling your way to payments.  Or you can do the same thing legally on which nets much less on the interest rate all done through the web.  Alternatively, you can mix this idea with property investment and become a “hard money” lender.  The options are endless.

So what does this say about me?  Well, I have explored and exhausted several ways to make money and with this medium I am able to explain to everyone what has worked for me.  Although I give to charity, you may still think that I sound like a money hungry stuck up individual.  Irregardless, you should always remember one thing.  Cash is king!