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Refined Niche

ICM506, academic, module 5 | Posted by Spighterman
Jul 02 2010

During the refining of the project layout that I took a 180 degree turn on in previous weeks, it will ultimately affect the niche as well.  I suppose going from a specific niche of academia to a much broader niche of all writers everywhere could be good and bad. 

The good would be a simple application to everyday writing that everyone could take advantage of.  Writers could essentially have use of a limitless tool used for interacting their communications with often times mundane details and boring stories with facts. 

The bad would be that the lack of use on mobile devices which the other idea had as its primary platform.  Although "Project Wiki-Writer" could be used on mobile devices, that would not be its primary use.  Additionally, the niche now becomes possibly too broad.  We will have to see how things turn out.

Hyper Focused Niche Award

ICM506, academic, module 4, technology | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 22 2010

The introduction to the marketplace for the newest Ipod/Ipad application that I have planned might win the most hyper-focused niche award out of any idea to date.  The niche is primarily for college students in the academic space that make regular use of the IPad which has only recently introduced itself.  In addition to leveraging the newest technology, the idea also utilizes one of the latest software bundles available through iTunes called iBooks. 

While treating this idea carefully and treading lightly upon new technologies that are only very recent, it is critical that the product/service that is created be rolled out in phases as we are unaware how the IPad will react to such an idea.  Additionally, with a "first to market" mentaility, it is important that the idea be created quickly and with the utmost quality in mind.

The price point is unknown at this time and the details will be forthcoming.

Academic Bio-Sketch

ICM506, Personal, academic, module 2 | Posted by Spighterman
Jun 06 2010

I have been described as a mature and bright professional who is often looked to for assistance by my peers based on the wealth of knowledge that I have acquired through my studies at Quinnipiac University.  I am known as a very driven, dedicated and focused individual who has a strong desire to constantly learn. I have acquired a number of degrees from Quinnipiac University, so my education, knowledge, experience and strong will would be an asset to any company.

The education that I have acquired through the world of academia as well as through specialized training have provided me with a hybrid set of skills tailored to business management, organizational leadership and a set of technically derived system engineering expertise.