Resume Madness

Posted by Spighterman
Jun 21 2010

The class has been focusing on creating pieces of written work and then consistently editing their work to perfect it.  The following is a different type of example of the same process.  The following are 4 different iterations of one resume including my current resume which is in use today.

  1. Click here to review my current resume
  2. Spight_Resume_Final_5
  3. Spight_Resume_Final_4
  4. Spight_Resume_Final_3


Please feel free to leave feedback.  Both positive and negative feedback are welcomed.

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2 Responses

  1. I like the lay out of your resume. Very easy to follow. One small critique. I would tighten up your education and skills columns so you can fit the Sr. Systems Analyst description all on one page. Nice job.

  2. Spighterman says:

    I recently went for a new executive job inteview and the recruiter that I am using totally butchered by resume. I suppose they needed to brand it but the versions that are online above have been vetted through several on the MBA professors at Quinnipiac for content, concept, and look and feel.

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